Version 0.3 Out Now!

Hi Guys :)

Version 0.3 is now live! I hope you enjoy all the improvements I have made to the game. I would love to hear of anything you'd want to see added or improved. So send me a message or comment if you think of anything :D


  • Save slots have been massively improved and now function properly
  • You can now resume old saves or delete them
  • Fixed empty character name bug
  • Happiness affects your familiars facial features (So keep them happy!)
  • Replaced the old apple "model" with a much better one that I made (Had to spend a bit of time improving my modelling and texturing skills)
  • More sound effects added 
  • A lot of background code improvements that hopefully make the game run smoother
  • Part by part materials. For instance if you have a fire-earth type half the parts will be a fire texture and half will be an earth texture.
  • Fixed a load of minor bugs


I wish I had a lot more improvements and features to list here but I spent a lot of time investing in learning new skills. For instance I refreshed my 3D modelling skills and had to learn my way around Blender. I also spent a fair bit of time on improving my marketing and making the game more appealing. I did this simply because I would love more people to play my game and give me feedback on it. I feel like I'm getting into the swing of my 1 month sprints and will hopefully manage my time better next month.

See you next update!

Mitchell :)


MyFamiliar_v0.3.apk 34 MB
Aug 01, 2019

Get My Familiar - Beta Android Version 0.3

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