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My Familiar is a Virtual Pet game for Android devices.

Draw your own Virtual Pet

Unlike other virtual pet games every familiar is unique and starts its journey by being drawn by you! 

Train your familiar to evolve them into one of the 5 elements:

  • Air: Quick & Accurate
  • Earth: Big & Tanky
  • Fire: Feisty & Furious
  • Nature: Balanced & Sturdy
  • Water: Evasive & Rapid

You can evolve up to 3 times!

Will you create a pure fire type? Or maybe a custom hybrid like a Fire-Rock-Air Type?

How do you raise the most awesome familiar?

  • Train your familiar to increase their level 
  • Evolve them into powerful elements
  • Play with your familiar to keep them happy
  • Feed your familiar to restore their strength
  • Battle enemies of all shapes and sizes

Any ideas or feedback you have after playing will help make the game better.

Created by Double Helix Studios 

Double Helix Studios is a student-run game company lead by Mitchell Dixon.

Programming & Design - Mitchell Dixon

Social Media - Emily Lane

Music - Playonloop.com

Download below!

Install instructions

(If downloaded via PC)

  1. Download .apk file
  2. Enable USB media transfer
  3. Drag and drop file onto phone storage
  4. Click file on phone to install it as an app
  5. Play the game

Contact me if there are any problems :)


MyFamiliar_v0.3.apk 34 MB

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